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Notice: Water taxis in Croatia are more expensive than you might have first thought. Our prices are not inflated, and are actually some of the cheapest you will find. We work hard to find the cheapest taxis and cover as many route as possible, so that you don't get stung by extortionate prices when you arrive. In truth you are hiring a private boat, and boat owners have high cost to maintain (their boats, staff, and especially fuel etc) and most journeys longer than you would consider by car-taxi. So if private sea transfer is not what you are looking for then we have provided ferry times and prices here.

Please note: Normal Bookings must be made at least 10-days in advance of travel date. Last minute possible only on request.

At Water-Taxi-Croatia.com we aim to provide you with the best transport all over Croatia. On these pages we have given you the most popular and requested routes at the best prices. If your route isn't present or you have more people to move around then drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on

  • International: +44-208-123-1198

Excursions and day trips all over Croatia are also available. Please send request with details and chosen area.

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